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Dr. Michele Nickels

quotation-marks-open I highly recommend Lisa G. for one simple reason: RESULTS! My patients consistently rave about her passionate approach, easy to understand practical guidance, and numerous ah-hah moments! quotation-marks-close

~Dr. Michele Nickels, Naturopathic Physician
Owner, Integrative Family Wellness Center

Tasty Wellness translates life-enhancing science into practical solutions for healthy living. Here we address the scientific side of things on topics such as gut and heart health, fat burning and boosting energy, as well as hormone imbalance to name a few.

Near and dear to my heart is gut health, hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue. I’ve personally battled and seriously had my butt kicked by these chumps. Can I just say, it doesn’t happen to only women after they’ve gone through their “changes”.

I’ll share how to practically make lifestyle upgrades that your body will love. Being a dietitian, I love to utilize food as medicine, subsequently I will have a nutrition-centric party going on here.

Take a deep breath. Now take another deep breath. Now think
of something super funny and laugh. And receive a big hug.

Toss back some green tea and join the party.

Lisa G Your Tasty LifeTaking care of your health is one of those demands that may get put on the bottom of a never ending to-do-list, for a variety of reasons. Or maybe you’re simply feeling very overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. I hear this exact message all the time. Tell Me What To Do (TMWTD)!!! Ahhh!!!

It’s really not that hard to implement, once you have the right tools. Kind of like the right lipstick in your make-up bag, once you have it, you’re good to go. Muah!!

This section breakdown wellness and offers the often requested TMWTD suggestions – albeit my beautiful friend only you can decide what is right for you.

After all you’re the best expert on you.

And one more thing…you can get your feet wet without jumping in the pool. Try some of the suggested solutions.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

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quotation-marks-open As a physician assistant (PA-C) in dermatology, Lisa G. and I have had many conversations about the importance of nutrition and its effects on the body and mind.

As a client of Lisa’s, I can attest to her vast knowledge in her field. She allows you to be an active participant in changing your health by setting attainable goals which ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

I refer my friends & patients to Lisa G! quotation-marks-close

~Yasmine Sido, PA-C