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Amber Budahn

quotation-marks-open Engaging her audience through her smart, fun, and dynamic presentation style, Lisa G. is the voice of nutrition knowledge people have been looking for! quotation-marks-close

~Amber Budahn, B.S., CSCS, ACE PT, USATF 1
Owner Wild Workouts & Wellness#52168f

Hi Gorgeous! I’m calling you out of hiding. You are not going to break down rather breakthrough with some good ‘ole Tasty Tone Up.

If your hectic world is anything like most women, you want to stay in shape but find it a challenge at times to fit in an hour to workout. In-home fitness appeals to me for the days I am not able to go to the gym.  But I am challenged–what do I do? What exercise do I put together? 

Am I doing this right?

If you don’t start because you don’t know where to begin…Or you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym….Or you don’t have time…

“I got it covered! In our Tasty Tone Up series
I consult with fitness experts to pull it together for us.”

One of the biggest blocks to begin exercising is changing our belief or story about fitness. You are not too old, too outta shape, too overweight. It’s time to change your story, hot stuff. If nothing changes then nothing changes. And that’s not what you really want.

Check this out–An hour long show may have 20 minutes of commercials? Seriously what a waste of your precious time! Get your sexy back, or keep your sexy top-notch, by toning up during your favorite TV show’s commercial breaks. Better yet watch Your Tasty Life videos toning up!

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Workout at Home Without Spending a Fortune! - Your Tasty Life

quotation-marks-open I am thankful that I enrolled the help of Lisa G. I am now 30 pounds lighter and have changed my eating choices and behaviors to be healthier. I am not missing my “fat clothes”, daily headaches or feeling of fatigue. A great big THANK YOU!! quotation-marks-close

~Kim Weisflog