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quotation-marks-open I can honestly say that Lisa G. has added years to my life due to not suffering complications of diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 60. My A1c was 10.5.

Four months after meeting Lisa G. my A1c is 5.0 (a completely normal blood sugar average) and I only need to take only ½ of my original prescribed medications. My doctors are astounded.

Lisa G’s expert guidance helped me sort facts from fiction. If you are in need of a registered dietitian look no further…you have found a great one! quotation-marks-close

~Alan J. Katz
Katz Consulting LLC

In the Tasty Eats section we’ll jump into my kitchen and create yummies for your tummy with easy to follow recipes. Don’t worry. I am nowhere close to a Master Chef, rather a simple home cook. Although, I would love to meet Chef Ramsey, Jaime Oliver and Rachel Ray!

I will share with you family recipes that have been handed down and how I tweaked them living a gluten and primarily grain-free lifestyle. Lord knows, I don’t eat how I ate growing up! Frosted Flakes, anyone? Damn, those were my favorite. Or what about Kool-Aid complete with 2 cups (or more) of sugar per home-made pitcher. Wowzers!

Healthy food doesn’t mean bland, boring food.

I understand there are many demands in your life. The majority of Tasty Eats meals are 30 minutes or less. I don’t have time for much more and neither do you. But I do make time to create nourishing, wholesome goodness that just happens to deliver grain-free, low carb deliciousness.

Rather it can be tasty & delicious. I consider the “good for you factor” when preparing food, so you don’t have to.

We’ll focus on nutrient-dense whole-foods. Enjoying a variety of quality meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and oils and fats.

It’s time to step into your kitchen to prepare some home-cooked meals. With my easy to follow guidance you and your family can savor a Tasty Life. 

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quotation-marks-open Lisa G. has been my personal one-on-one nutritional advisor.  She doesn’t force a one plan fits all approach. Lisa teaches the whys & the hows of creating a personal plan that works! quotation-marks-close

~Chef Michael Feker
Renowned Restaurateur & Culinary Instructor