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Laura Wilkenson

quotation-marks-open I am thrilled to report that in just 4 days I already feel better! I am less sleepy, more focused, more clear, recall is like night and day. I am soooooooo glad I came to see you.

Lisa G. changed my life! quotation-marks-close

~Laura Wilkinson

I completely understand that finding the time to improve your health, diet, sleep, exercise, you can fill in the blank here, is often put on the bottom of your never ending to-do-list.

Let me ask you this…

What if there was a way for you to stop wasting time and money chasing the latest diet gimmick and achieve real success that improves the way you look and feel? Would that be of interest to you?

There is a way …

To release excess weight for good, on-going support is as important as wearing a good fitting bra when you leave the house.  Seriously we all NEED support.

Do high-level athletes make the playoffs without coaching? Do successful business owners “figure it all out” without mentors and advisers? Can the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars dance the mambo without some brilliant coaching?  Heck no!

Here’s how easy & convenient it is to work with me

So give yourself some credit, if you’re struggling to maintain a healthier lifestyle understand you are certainly not alone.  You need a friendly nudge, not a shove. The good news is I hear you loud and clear!

I’m here to be your trusted mentor.  Kinda like that know it all girlfriend, without the “I told you so”. Our jamboree will develop a personalized plan to impact your health and healing in a powerful way.

“If you are 100% committed to making change, I am 110%
committed to helping you achieve the results you desire.”

quotation-marks-open With Lisa G’s coaching, going wheat free FINALLY broke my cluster headache cycle! Pain free for a whole month…simply amazing for being a chronic sufferer! quotation-marks-close

~Ashley Woosypiti